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Swine Flu (H1N1)

With the current possible pandemic of the swine flu the Pureflush germ filtering toilet seat is one of many preventions.  The world health organization (WHO) and the CDC have confirmed that the swine flu has been transmitted person to person and is passed like the human influenza virus. 

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Every Toilet flush creates an unseen mist detected at head height and can travel up to 20 feet from the toilet bowl contaminating everything within the flush zone spreading bacteria and viruses. Toothbrushes, doorknobs, makeup, children's toys, drinking glasses, towels, etc. 

Google "Toilet Mist" or "Toilet Aerosol" for real world research and facts. To a growing sensitive population, 75 Million People (1 out of 4) this contamination causes illness (generally more colds and flu's) and in some cases can be fatal.  A common misconception is that a product like this will impede a childs immune system developement. Children under 5 are at a high risk of colds and flu's that will cause more harm than good.

How it Works...

The Pureflush germ filtering toilet seat is a patented technology (with 19 Strong Claims) that filters and destroys bacteria and viruses at the source...the Toilet Bowl. The time is now for this revolutionary product. We at Pureflush, LLC are working hard to bring this product to market. We base all our efforts on fact and not fear. Our intentions are good. We are dedicated to everyone's health.

This product can replace the need for some products: Lysol sprays, Clorox wipes, Air Purifiers and other anti-bacterial related products. A Billion Dollar market!   Hospitals, health care facilities, day care centers, hotels, households, etc can benefit from this product without chemicals applied to surfaces or sprayed in the air.


Colds, Flu's, MRSA

Fact: 36,000 people die every year in the U.S. from influenza (flu). If someone is ill with a cold or a flu within the household, healthcare facility or hospital the germs can be spread via the fecal oral route.  This affects anyone with a compromised immune system; The elderly, Pregnant women, children under 5, diabetics, AIDs and HIV patients, cancer patients, and many more. MRSA (staff infection) has been found to spread via the fecal oral route.

Click here "Toilet Flushing causes SARS" to find out about a possible real pandemic!

Virulent New Bacterial Strain Identified As Cause Of European Outbreak
by Scott Hensley June 2011

Founder and President of Pureflush, LLC, Joseph Safuto,  is currently seeking Serious Investors to bring this important product to market.