Pureflush mechanics:

Patent # US 7,485,166 B2

How and why it works

This photo is the actual action and direction that the Toilet Sneeze (Toilet Aerosol) creates.

The above photo was shot in a darkened room with backlighting to emphasize the path of the bacteria and virus laden flush.

The Pureflush Seat works with the natural action of the flush. No fans, no electrical connections, no vacuums , no tubes and no moving parts.  Hassle and maintenance free. The Natural Flush acts like a volcano erupting upwards forcing its way naturally through the carbon filter causing a filtering of the harmful Toilet Aerosol. The Harmful bacteria and/or virus laden Toilet Aerosol enters through the Pureflush intake area (flower like design) at the underside of the closed lid, moves through the carbon filter and exits out through exit vents filtered and purified.  In the diagram: 800 represents the harmful flush, 114 is the filter and 802 is the filtered flush. 700 is the commode (porcelain toilet), 102 is the lid and 100 is the seat we sit on. 704 is the bottom "drain" of the toilet and 704 is the toilet water. (Diagram is copied from the published patent application).  

Lid should be down prior to flushing.  The seat is sealed at the bottom therefore nothing gets in or out except through the Pureflush germ eliminating filter. The path of the flush allows for the filtering process.



The Pureflush Germ Filtering Toilet Seat looks like a normal toilet seat.  Not gimmicky.  It will come in most colors and is as simple to put on as ANY toilet seat.  The only difference is that the Pureflush Germ filtering toilet seat will protect you and your family.  It is designed to improve your health and save the lives of those vulnerable to the harmful affects of e-coli, Hepatitus A , Shigella, salmonella, Fecal Coliform , Influenza (36,000 people die each year in the U.S.), Noroviruses (Contracted in Hotels, on Cruise Ships and in the Home), and many other germs and viruses. 25% of our population will benefit immediately. That's 1 out of 4. A Scientific Research Study concluded the SARS virus could have been spread by the simple act of FLUSHING a TOILET.  

There are only two size toilets in the U.S. Round and Elongated.      The Pureflush seat have models designed to fit both. The Pureflush Toilet seat is not cheap looking.  It's also Child proof. The removable lower half of the lid makes it super easy to clean.  Most people polled believe that fecal matter will accumulate on the underside of the lid.  This is NOT the case at all.  The aerosolized fecal particles are so small that 99% of them are trapped by the filter, which is located within the lid, and not touched or accessed until you remove the filter to be replaced.  There is nothing to be seen on the intake vents at the lids underside. Also, some people suggested a cleanable filter to save on filter costs.  This is not recommended.  The replacements are inexpensive and easy to find. Pureflush asks only one thing of its users: PUT THE LID DOWN. Protect everything in the bathroom toilet area: Toothbrushes, towels, children's toys, make-up brushes and cosmetics, flush handles, etc. Each time you flush make sure it's pure...PUREFLUSH.

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